Raymond Cho buys an $800 dog, but ended up spending alot more

Raymond Cho and his girlfriend Elaine Chiang have been living together in an open secret, but as they have no plans to have children just yet, they have bought some pet dogs to keep them company and look after their home when they are out.

Raymond lives up to his Chinese name in that he is very thrifty and when it came to buying a new dog, he was very careful to choose a Pekinese costing just $800, but this choice ended up costing him a lot more: "We only found out that he was suffering from canine distemper and after spending another $5000 at the vets, we were still not able to cure him. When we complained to the store, they gave me another dog called ‘Porkchop’ and although he also needed me to spend $2000 on him at the vets, he has been healthy in the four years he has lived with me."

To keep Porkchop happy, Raymond has bought ‘Chicken Drumstick’ for more life at home. He smiles: "Elaine and I don’t plan to have babies yet, so we felt that it was too quiet at home at times, so now that we have Porkchop and Chicken Drumstick, then it is much livelier. I have bought them a lot of toys and as we live in a villa, they help to protect it by acting as guard dogs because when they see strangers, they will be very noisy and even I get afraid of them sometimes."

Raymond will be having a lot of screentime soon as his series "Welcome to the House" continues and new series "At Home with Love" begins airing soon. Asked if he has any expectations for ratings, he says: "It is hard to say. ‘Welcome’ has always had steady ratings, so I hope this will help ‘At Home’." Playing a ‘nasty man’ in "At Home’, he says: "I will do anything I can to get up the ladder and there is a brief romance with Yoyo Mung."

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