Raymond, Bernice, YoYo, Sharon Eats Dinner Together Before CNY

It’s almost the year of the Pig! Since Chinese New Year is coming, the three queens and one king,Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu, Yoyo Mung, and Sharon Chan, joins together for a dinner. This time is their first time eating a "gathering" dinner for Chinese New Year, so they were relaxed and happy.

The four of them were under the same manager, so they are in the same "group", just like a family. For the four of them to eat together is quite hard, because they are all very busy. Raymond Lam is filming "The Legendary Era", Bernice Liu is working on "The Entire City Dances", YoYo Mung had just finished her drama, and Sharon Chan is finishing up "Welcome To The House". YoYo joined the "group" later than the others, however she seems to be very close with the other three. Calculated by age, Raymond is the youngest of the four, but maybe because he’s the only guy in the "group", he has to take on the responsibilities of taking care of the three ladies, like an older brother. However, sometimes the three ladies would pick on Raymond. Even though they are all "siu sungs" and "fa daans" (important actors and actresses), they completely forgot their identities when they are together, which is unusual to see in the industry.

A Warm Night

YoYo who is "new" to the group says she feels the warmth of a family and hopes that they can all join for dinner anytime in the future. Raymond says, "It’s great that we can eat Chinese New Year dinner together, because we are always so busy, even if we see each other in the make up room , we only can say hi and start filming."

Bernice who is the CBC (Canadian Born Chinese) was asked if she ate this kind of traditional Chinese New Year dinner before. Bernice quickly replied, "Yes, I have! I tasted it before when we were filming ‘Virtues of Harmony’, but this time I’m eating with the "group", and has a warm feeling of a family. I know that Chinese sees gathering dinners before Chinese New Year as an very important event, but my family lives far away, so it’s hard to eat with them."

Don’t think that Bernice loves to eat cold food, she also loves to eat hot, burning food. Bernice likes the feeling of having hot food in her mouth, and besides, Bernice and YoYo both like eggs with new year cakes. When YoYo saw the new year cake on the table, she quickly used her chopsticks to get some, just like a little kid.

This time, their traditional pot dish was very creative because they didn’t choose the traditional way of setting the tradtional pot dish, instead, they created their own. Their ingredients were all different and they also helped their dish pick a lucky name like "Rising High", so it will bring them luck.

That day, the four of them wanted the chef to teach them the techiques to put their food into the pot. This time they ordered 3 different types of pot dishes. Since Raymond loves seafood, they ordered a seafood pot dish, and the three ladies want to keep fit, so they ordered a vegeterian pot dish.

Laughs During Dinner

Raymond explains that he had tasted the traditional pot dish before, and thought that there’s a variety of food, however it was oily. Seafood is his favorite, so when he saw trepangs and abalones, he happily ate them. The seafood pot dish also included lobster and oysters, which all made him drool, and wants to buy one to eat with his family.

In front of food, the four of them shows their true side, especially YoYo. Don’t be tricked by her cool look, she actually loves to play. She played with the lobster clip and pretends to be hurt by it. Afterwards, YoYo, Bernice and Sharon together bullied Raymond, and of course Raymond couldn’t get revenge; the whole room was filled with laughters. At the end, the three ladies intelligently gave food to Raymond and fed him.a

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