Rain’s agency, JYPE recently denied and censured the untrue news report about Rain “There’s no such thing like this!”

“A Singapore media commented Rain as an ‘Arrogant and unbridled’ person…” With respect to this statement, JYPE representative rebutted on the above blame and said, “This article is meaningless at all” and “We will response through international lawyers and take legal actions…”

“We are shocked that Rain is blamed like that. His development in Asian countries is pretty fast these years so we have to be more careful during overseas events. Of course, the news report by this Singapore media is untrue.” said JYPE representative. “To be frank, Rain always greets his fans politely, regardless he is in the airport, outdoor events and on the stage.”

“How can someone keep smiling all day…”
“Smile 10 times but once he shows tiredness, the media expressed their unhappiness…”
JYPE requested the media to correct their news report immediately. If the media cannot provide reasonable explanation and apology, they will bring this to court and sue the media.

On the other hand, the electronic news by Singapore media on Jan 21 criticised that “Rain requested ‘special treatment’ during his Singapore concert” “No smile at all in the press conference” “Very picky when it comes to meals…”

At last,JYP did something to defend Rain.Poor Rain.Such a humble and down-to-earth artist being commented badly.He such a nice guy.Rain eats anything but he just prefer korean food.What is wrong when he just like korean food.I don’t understand.In malaysia,he still try our chinese seafood.And he also smile a lot.He said that he’s more happier in Malaysia and wish to come here again.So i guess he probably think Malaysian media and people are more warm.

His arm was injured and he still come and perform in Singapore.He was in pain everytime he dance.He put so much effort but ppl don’t believe in him.

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