Rainie’s MV Male Lead is Popularity King of Homosexual Websites

For Rainie Yang’s “Que Yang” (缺氧) music video, the male lead is Wu Kang Ren, who is a popularity king of a homosexual website. The two of them was supposed to act out a scene of “water love”. Unfortunately, Rainie’s time of the month came to visit and was not able to go in to the water. Rainie greatly praised Wu Kang Ren’s acting skills. She wouldn’t know until she was informed that he was the male lead of the film “Vale of the Still”.

Rainie seems to have great fate with her period. She also encountered it when she filmed the music videos to “Ai Mei” and “Qing Zhu” earlier. While she was filming, she was shrieking with pain. She said that she had already prepared to go in to the water. Because of the pressure lately, her period came early. She said embarassingly to the director, “If I enter the water now, the water tank will turn in to a blood tank.”

When Wu Kang Ren arrived, all the staffs thought he looked familiar. They found out that he is actually the male lead of a tea advertisement and also from Chen Jun Zhi’s film “Vale of the Still”. Chen Jun Zhi expressed that he is actually heterosexual, but he is very professional because he is able to boldly act as gay in the film. During the film of the music video, Wu Kang Ren didn’t NG at all, very superb.

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