Rainie Yang: This Cutesy Image Has to Go

Rainie Yang is getting tired of her wholesome cutesy image. In a bold move to change that perception of her Yang is to play an Internet escort and lesbian in her upcoming movie Tattoo.

In a recent article posted on www.163.com, the Taiwanese star known for acting in teen dramas reveals that she is not the cutie type as many perceive her to be.

This role came at the right time. I wanted to improve myself and wouldn’t have missed out on this opportunity. I’m giving my all for the movie, enthuses the 22-year-old former member of the now-defunct pop group 4 in Love.

Award-winning director Zhou Meiling (Splendid Afloat) is helming Tattoo, which also stars Hong Kong’s rising singer-actress Isabella Leung as a tattoo master. Yang portrays Xiao Lu, a girl with a difficult past. When their paths cross, the two begin a complicated relationship.

So serious is Yang in the job that she has met with real female escorts to research her role.

Nevertheless, Yang is determined to excel in the breakthrough role and is undaunted by fans

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