Rainie Yang Denies Getting Back Together with Yuan Chun Hao

Rainie Yang had pictures taken of possible-reunion with ex-boyfriend Yuan Chun Hao. The two famliy even happily celebrated Yuan’s mother’s brithday, and Rainie finally talked about the goodbye before she left for the US.

Cute Rainie Yang and Alan (Show) Luo showed up in LA for an autograph session. Not only did Rainie keep showing off her cuteness, she also sang acapello a bit. The two are both outgoing and funny, also let’s southern Californians see the Taiwanese new-generation super star’s charm. But asked whether or not she’s reunited with Yuan Chun Hao, Rainie kept denying the rumors.

Reporter asked: In the gossip columns, there are pictures that your family and his family celebrated a birthday together. As for the getting back together, is that true?"

Rainie said: "Actually, we’re not an item, just really good friends. I think that the media is sometimes really curious. Probably because I don’t have a boyfriend, so they might think that whenever I go out with a boy, they’ll assume that it’s my boyfriend. But the main point is, I’m actually really busy right now, and I dont’ have time to have a boyfriend. The bigger main point is that we’re not even lovers."

Reporter asked: "Then is your two family’s really close?"

Rainie said: "The media will always try to make new details up. Actually, it’s just a simple family get together, it’s nothing, really."

Reporter asked: "Then, with the media’s pictures, are you angry?

Rainie said: "Actually, not really, because we’re nothing. And getting pictures is their job."

Facing the rumors, Rainie is very generous with her answers and very open. Facing the concert, because she’s doing her own solo concert, she’s very daring with her costumes, hairstyle, and makeup, promising to give oversea fans the best kind of party mood.

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