Rain Speeds Towards Asia in BMW

BMW Korea propganda CF is in demand by many countries.

It looks like top star, Rain, will be winning over Asia with BMW.

The short commercial movie which Rain and BMW Korea is producing will cross Korea’s borders and be screening in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc Asian countries and regions.

At first, “BMW Meets Truth” was a CF produced to meet to Korean market needs. However, because of the participation of Asian Star, Rain, the BMW subsidiaries in several countries are keenly in the process of importing the CF.

Because of Rain’s popularity in Asia, the CF which is produced locally is able to appear outside Korea. This is certainly a first.

A personnel from BMW Korea pointed out, “Enquiries to import “BMW Meets Truth” poured in simultaneously from several country subsidiaries, including BMW Japan. As each BMW concentrates on different products in different countries, it is not easy using CFs made by agencies in other countries. In the past, the short movies made by BMW Korea are only played in the country itself. But thanks to Rain’s influence in Asia, this CF is expected to debut in many different countries at the same time.

BMW Korea plans to screen this CF in European countries, including BMW’s originating country, Germany. Discussions are in progress, and is hence receiving a lot of attention at the moment. If this is th case, Rain will be exuding his charisma in the originating country of this world-famous car.

BMW Korea expresses, “It is planned that after completion, depending on the end-product, this CF will be played in various European countries.” During the press conference on the 3rd, a personnel from the agency expressed they are extremely concerned about this matter, and that the possibility of success is immensely high.

“BMW Meets Truth” features Rain, Pak Jinyoung and Lin Soyoung. Background music is produced by Pak Jinyoung.

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