Rain, Se7en, and TVXQ! and a “Hearthrob” Battle

The "BIG 3", TVXQ!, Rain and Se7en invade this autumn’s music market and capture the most "woman’s heart point" with their songs.

Leader Yunho U-know shows off his sexy body in "’O’ ?.?.?."’s intro. "A to Z" with TVXQ! worked on the choreography but it was Yunho U-know who choreographed the intro dance. The dance attracts women of 20 years old and up.

Rain makes a powerful performance with "I’m Coming". From the start to the end of the performance, one cannot take off her eyes on Rain. Female viewers cannot help but scream whenever Rain pulls halfway up his shirt, exposing his upper body.

Se7en showcases a "romantic" concept. Se7en’s hot kissing scene inside a car is attracting a lot of attention. This scene has been captured in many versions and has been heating the Internet world. "It is exceptional" and "I was really surprised" were the reactions on the kissing scene. Se7en changed from the cute image to a mature one.

The "hearthrob" competition of the "BIG 3" is creating an issue which has become a vital force in Korean pop music.

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