Rain Li: I Have a Better Figure Than Fala Chen

Fala Chen and Rain Li were hot on the catwalk as they modeled various bikinis. Despite having a less fuller figure than Fala, Rain was first to hit the catwalks as she modeled two different bikinis. The two young actresses were both definitely competing against each other, which resulted with Rain unable to accept her loss as she made snide comments about her opponent.

Fala Chen, Rain Li and top models Rosemary and Cara G modeled at the ‘Speedo Make Waves Party’. Fala, Rosemary and Cara G stole the spotlight as they looked extremely sexy while modeling different bikinis, causing male onlookers to look on eagerly, take photos and let out whistles. But on the other hand, Rain, who was first to hit the cat walks, not only did she lack sexiness but was also covered up by a shawl and so, could not be compared with the other three.

After the show, Rain firmly stated that the outfits had been planned by the organisers and denied that she was afraid of having her figure compared with Fala. Rain said, “Why did I not model 3 sets of bikinis? This was already organised. (Do you feel like you have lost?) People will get bored after seeing it too much. (Are you afraid of being compared to Fala on the spot?) Why? I did not purposely want to wear those bikinis. (Spotlight was stolen by Fala?) I don’t think so, the most important thing is that the end result looks beautiful. I am not use to wearing bikinis in front of so many people but Fala has worn them during beauty pageants. She is very natural when she wears bikinis, while I am a bit scared. (Will you dare compete with Fala again?) Do not call it a competition, the most important thing is that everything turns out pretty.” Rain then praised Fala for having a good body structure and was surprised to see that Fala was as tall as her. When asked who she believes to have the better figure, Rain expressed that it is best if it looks natural and that she believes that her figure is slightly better than Fala’s.

When the show finished, Fala immediately went to change before emerging fully dressed to do interviews. Fala said, “Yes, I was afraid of accidental exposure! That is why I have changed. (You were the most sexy today?) Everyone looked amazing, Rosemary was so calm! (You stole the spotlight?) No no! Rain Li is also very beautiful, I really like her hairstyle. (She said that her figure is better than yours!) She is slightly taller than me, so I have lost a bit height wise.” Regarding reports saying that she has been cheaply hired to attend functions, Fala expressed that she is not aware how much other people are paid and that her jobs are managed by TVB.

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