Rain Li and Leila Tong Get Seal of Approval for Cakes

Yesterday Rain Li, Leila Tong and newly crowned ‘Beautiful Young Cook’ JJ attended the opening of a cake shop in Macau, famous for its cookie pastry egg custard tarts. When they arrived, they immediately played a part in making a batch of custard tarts, looking the part and the owner and chef Mr Au Yeung praised their work saying that they passed the test. The girls were presented with certificates and they all said that they would be making them for their friends and family after they returned to Hong Kong.

Rain is a big fan of this shop, so as soon as the tarts came out of the oven, she quickly put a whole one into her mouth as she enjoyed the delicious cake and even eating all the crumbs. Rain says that Portuguese tarts and Hong Kong style tarts each have their specialities as Portuguese tarts have a layer of syrup on them. Cookie egg custards are very Hong Kong style. Leila says that she has been to Macau for sightseeing when she was twelve or thirteen, but she does not have time to look around on this occasion because she has to rush back to work in Hong Kong. She says she loves to eat egg custard tarts and pork chop bun and having learned to make them this time, she will try and make them for her mum when she gets home.

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