Rain in Vietnam for World Tour

Singer Rain has visited Vietnam to give a performance in the country’s economic center of Ho Chi Minh as part of his world tour. The top Korean singer will hold concerts at the city’s QK Stadium with 25,000 seats on March 10 and 11. Earlier on Thursday, he held a press conference where some 100 newspapers and broadcasters attended.

Arriving at the Ho Chi Minh International Airport by private jet and dressed casually, Rain gave a brief interview with local broadcasting company HTV, where he said, “My condition is very good and I am really looking forward to giving a performance here.”

He also waved and smiled at his fans waiting for him there. Some 1,000 fans shouted “Rain,” holding pickets in the shape of the letter “R,” and took pictures of him. A high school girl said, “I first became his fan because of his good-looking appearance. But I also got to like his sweet voice and powerful dancing. Many of my friends are also his fans and even my mom is his fan, so she let me come here.”

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