RAIN donates 50 wells to Cambodia

Since December 2005, Rain agreed to coorperate with an environment organisation in a project called "Raining in Asia" (translated from Chinese). They planned to solve the water supply problem in numerous drought areas in Asia. Rain has been consistently supporting the well construction. Now, 50 wells are finally built. The organisation will officially announce the completion of well construction in 30th Aug.

"Raining in Asia" is the first project between Rain and the organisation. The purpose of this project is to build wells in Cambodia areas, where the water supply is severely polluted by industry wastes. Consequently, diseases spread around and causes high mortality rate. According to the organisation, the project will be able to provide clean water to at least 60 thousands residents in Cambodia.

In the meantime, Rain again worked together with the organisation in another project, which targets to build playgrouds and fun parks for the children from lower-class of the society.

In order to collect funds for this project, the organisation is going to sell umbrella with Rain’s image, which was specially designed for his "Rainy Day" concerts. All the funds obtained from the selling of "Rainy Day" umbrella will be used in playground contruction for the poor children. Once the construction completed, Rain’s handprint will be carved on it

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