Rain (Bi)’s debut movie ‘Cyborg, but okay’ ranks 1st in box office

During the second week of December, singer Rain (Bi)’s debut movie ‘Cyborg, but okay’ ranked first in the box office, stepping above ‘Mr. Robin Kkoshigi (Seducing Mr. Robin)’ featuring Daniel Henney. The ranking was based on the number of ticket sales in Seoul.

The romantic comedy ‘Cyborg, but okay’ starring Rain as a mental patient gathered 810,000 people to the theatres in two days, leading ‘Seducing Mr. Robin’ which numbered 780,000 by 3,000. Both movies opened on the 7th and have accumulated numbers of 471,000 and 390,000 respectively still placing ‘Cyborg, but okay’ at the lead.

This past box office ranking cannot completely disregard the support of the fans of Rain and the name value of director Park Chan Wook, however. ‘Cyborg, but okay’ at the premiere in fact did not receive a high score for mass popularity. On the other hand, the somewhat odd setup of the movie ‘Seducing Mr. Robin’ which was expected to gather female fans of Daniel Henney did well but was not able to quite surpass ‘Cyborg, but okay’ which was an unexpected result.

Third in the box office was ‘Haebaragi (Sunflower)’ which has been gathering an unexpected crowd to the theatres. 48,000 people watched the movie in Seoul on 50 screens over two days of the weekend. The movie that has been in theatres for three weeks has accumulated numbers of 1,237,000.

‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ ranked in at number four followed by ‘Saw III,’ ‘That Summer,’ and ‘The Departed.’

‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ which is a fantasy based on the internal wars of Spain gathered 416,000 people to the box office in two weeks. ‘Saw III’ on 39 screens in Seoul gathered 19,000 to the screen over the weekend followed by ‘That Summer’ at 11,000 which barely led ‘The Departed.’

‘That Summer’ starring Lee Byeong Heon has accumulated ticket sales of 300,000 up to last week, somewhat lackluster to the star power.

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