Rain (Bi) Opens Membership for Fan Club Prior to World Tour

Singer Rain (Bi) is gathering fan club members internationally.

With the ‘World Tour Premiere’ concert coming up on October 13th, JYP Entertainment is gathering fan club members through the company’s official community website ‘Joy Place.’

Rain (Bi) will be accepting applications from Japan, China, America, Europe, and others throughout a total of 12 countries for the fan club through the ‘Joy Place’ corner named ‘The Cloud’ until October 13th.

A JYP Entertainment personnel commented, “There have been more than 1,000 fans that have purchased the tour package that includes attending the World Tour Premiere concert. Considering these numbers, we believe the actual number applications we receive for the fan club will exceed our expectations.”

Members of ‘The Cloud’ can receive a fan club card with a never released image of Rain (Bi) during his 4th album promotion along with special benefits as a member.

Rain (Bi) will be holding a charity concert on October 12th at Seoul’s Chamshil Main Stadium to celebrate the release of his fourth album and showcase.

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