Prince of Himalaya, Another Hamlet Inspired Movie from China

In the year 2006, "The Banquet" is not the only Chinese film inspired by Hamlet. "Prince of Himalaya" is another Chinese production based on the famous tragedy by William Shakespeare.

Set in the ancient Tibet, "Prince of Himalaya" is actually closer to the original story than "The Banquet" does. Co-written and directed by US-based Chinese filmmaker Sherwood Hu (Lanling Wang), it is shot in Tibet with a full Tibetan cast, speaking Tibetan throughout the film.

The prince is played by first-time young actor Pubajia, who was discovered by the director at a bar in Jiuzhaigou, located in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan. Director Hu later sent Pubajia to Shanghai Theater Academy and paid his tuition. Last month Pubajia became the winner of "My Hero", a boy only American Idol-like TV Show in China.

The prince’s uncle is played by Duobujie, who portrayed the petrol leader in Kekexili: The Mountain Patrol.

The cinematography was done by Hou Yong (Jasmine Women (as the director), Hero, The Road Home, The Blue Kite, The Horse Thief).

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