Preparing for TVB Anniversary Award

TVB anniversary award is approaching soon on November 10th, therefore a lot of fadans are preparing for their battles in beautiful attires. This year, Charmaine Sheh was nominated for both [DOP] and [MV], making her a hot favorite for Best Actress Award. Her dresses will be sponsored by international label Emporio Armani, which has been known to sponsor TVB big sisters Liza Wang and Dodo Cheng. Recently, Charmaine visited Armani flagship store in Admiralty to try on some outfits, among them a sequined top worth HKD1600, which looked fabulous and elegant on her.

According to HK media report, this year was TVB first attempt hold "TVB Anniversary Award 2006" (before this it was the same night with anniversary celebration) at coming Friday. Therefore, all siusangs and fadans are expected to be dressed to the nines. The group of fadans will surely wear expensive attires and bedecked themselves with glittering in attempt to gain attention, as a ‘warm-up’ before the real competition begins.

As this year’s hot favorite for Best Actress award, Charmaine Sheh was busy selecting her attire. Recently, she visited Emporio Armani flagship store to choose her attire. Apart from trying out dresses specially selected for her by a professional attendant, she also picked some outfit herself. She tried on several sets of evening dresses including two silk dresses, a red velvet dress and a set of blue sequined top and skirt worth HKD16900, looking splendid in all of them.

After trying the dresses, Charmaine said: "Normally, I’m busy with filming, so I don’t have the time to watch fashion show, and I didn

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