Pregnant Anita Yuen Prepares for Birth at Any Moment

Pregnant Anita Yuen Wing Yee will be giving birth in November. Chilam Cheung wrapped up his filming projects and has returned to Hong Kong to be by Anita’s side during this critical period. Since their household will soon have a new baby, Chilam worked very hard in China earlier to earn "milk money."

With Chilam back by her side, the heavily pregnant Anita continues to go out frequently. Earlier, they had hot pot with several friends. Holding hands, Anita and Chilam were spotted at a convenience store buying bread.

Expectant mother, Anita, was filled with happiness as she anticipates the birth of her baby.

Anita’s belly has grown significantly, adding to her difficulty in getting about. However this has not kept her at home, as she remains socially active with friends. Perhaps Anita realizes that once she gives birth, she will have to rest at home for [several] months.

Chilam was spotted by reporters driving Anita to a convenience store last night. Another couple got off the car with Chilam and Anita. Chilam held on tightly to Anita’s hand as their walked towards the store’s entrance.

Although Anita has increased in sized, her walk was still brisk and when she climbed the steps to the front door, she let go of Chilam’s hand and walked up to the bread counter to select her own pastries. It is unclear whether Anita was buying herself supper or breakfast. Chilam browsed through some automobile magazines while waiting for Anita to complete her purchases.

When Anita and Chilam left the store, Chilam helped her carry the bag of bread. Anita realized they were being followed by reporters. Perhaps self-conscious about her weight increase, she smiled wryly, "Please don’t take any more photographs!"

The reporters laughed and said pregnancy is a woman’s state of ultimate happiness. When Anita heard the word "happiness," her heart smiled and with a blissful expression, boarded the car with Chilam and left.

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