“Predicting Fate” Spotlight

Cast: Steven Ma Chun Wai, Benny Chan Ho Man, Shirley Yeung Si Kei, Yuen Wah, Selena Li, Mimi Lo Man Chong, Kwok Fung, Rebecca Chan Sau Chu, Yu Yeung

Since returning to TVB, Steven Ma has virtually become an "ancient person" due to the various ancient dramas he has recently starred in. In new series "Predicting Fate," Steven will play a metaphysicist. "Yuen Wah and Rebecca Chan are the successors of renown metaphysicists in Chinese history. They will be my sifu’s [teachers]."

"Shirley Yeung will play Yuen Wah and Rebecca’s daughter. Benny Chan was originally a very good friend, but due to our fighting over a metaphysics manual, our brotherhood will be broken."

In the series, Benny’s goal is to attain the king’s throne. Not only does this cause conflict in his friendship with Steven, but Benny is also willing to give up Selena Li, who will play a palace maid.

Selena spoke of her character, "I am a close maid for Princess Mimi Lo. My character is kind-hearted, intelligent, and well-balanced in many areas. Unfortunately, Benny realizes that Mimi is in love with him. In order to realize his dreams of becoming future king, he gives up on his love for me and treats me very unpleasantly.

Selling Point:

Predicting fate and avoiding misfortunes may be everyone’s dream, but by forcibly intervening with fate and destiny, perhaps the results will be disasterous and result in many self-sacrifices.

Plot Synopsis:

Yeung Lei [Steven Ma] uses his talents in metaphysics and predicting fate to help his friend attain the king’s throne. However, [Benny’s character] is only interested in reaching his personal self-interests and loses all his family and friends. Focusing only on immediate goals may cause one to lose out of more valuable things in life, such as kinship, happiness, etc.

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