Praising Jolin Tsai to be the Perfect Love, Xiao Zhu reveals the killer tactics for wooing girls

The humourous and witty Luo Zhi Xiang (Xiao Zhu) is sweet and attentive towards girls, understands their feelings and is steadfast in his live. He has never failed to get the girl he woos, and is definitely worthy of the title “Perfect Lover”. However, because he is too popular with the ladies, he does not give his girlfriend a sense of security. He says that he is not the perfect lover, and likes women who are slightly naughty. Instead, he thinks that his rumoured girlfriend Jolin Tsai is the perfect lover, and even revealed that Jolin is one who listens and obeys her boyfriend.

Taiwan’s popular singer Luo Zhi Xiang has a humourous image and is well liked by teenage girls. He also gets along well with female artistes in the industry. Behind the humourous image is a caring and interesting guy who knows how to make the ladies happy. He understands women’s mentality and feelings, and can keep secrets, becoming a confidante to his female friends in the circle. Jolin is one of them. Xiao Zhu said, “I understand what girls are thinking about, they like to confide in me because they know I will not shoot my mouth off.”

Causing Girlfriend to be afraid

Xiao Zhu’s new album “Speshow” has many moving love songs, and one of them is the “The Perfect Guy”, describing a guy who does everything he can to make his girlfriend happy. Xiao Zhu is this kind of guy, even though he has a cool image, he will do funny and comical things to make his girlfriend happy. He also knows how to create romance and gives surprises, hiding things at home to let his girlfriend look for it. Such an attentive and romantic guy is definitely the dream boyfriend. However he says that he is not the perfect boyfriend because he lacks the time. He says, “I have no time to spend with my girlfriend, and I have many friends of the opposite sex and this will easily make my girlfriend worried and angry causing many problems to arise. So now I will not date because I’m too busy, I will not think too much. It is still better to be single.”

Then, what is his perfect lover? Actually, he likes slightly naughty, cute, natural and unpretentious girls. He smiles and says that he is not afraid that naughty women are difficult to deal with because he is worse. When asked whether his perfect lover must have Jolin’s good figure, he laughed, “No need too big, an ordinary figure will do, not too skinny or fat, a just right figure is the best.” Responding to the question whether Join was a perfect lover, he thought for a moment before replying, “She should be, when she is dating she listens to her boyfriend a lot. She has told her good friends that she wants to find a boyfriend, perhaps her expectations are too high.”

Will not miss out on opportunities

Xiao Zhu, who says that he will not date for the time being, provided his successful tactics of wooing girls as a reference for men. He thinks the most important thing is to first make clear whether the girl likes you before making your move. He will purposely take a photo of himself as if he is putting is him around something, then he will tell the girl, “This position is yours” to test her feelings. Also, he will tie a red string on his hand, and tie the end to the girl’s. He is certain that these two tactics will move the girl. When asked whether he has failed before, he proudly says, “No! When I make a move I must succeed, if I fail I’m not Luo Zhi Xiang!”

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