Police arresting Xiao Zhu for vandalizing on Shanghai streets

Corner with love’s last episode will be out this weekend. One of the scene in the ending episode is Xiao Zhu, being on the streets of Shanghai and vandalizing it by drawing there. As filming of this scene attracted a large amount of fans to crowd around and ended up blocking traffic as well as the vandalized board prepared by the crew looked like it really was drawn on the wall, even the police stopped by and thought that Xiao Zhu was really vandalizing and almost arrested him.

In the end, the police gave a sigh of relief as they found out that the crew only nailed a board to the wall and once filming was finished, it would be removed. The police also decided to help out since they were there already and helped the crew keep the filming area in control so that the crew can successfully finish filming.

This week, besides showing the last episode, there will also be a small section on behind the scenes shown and there will be lots of hilarious NG parts. The director, Da S, Xiao Zhu, Chen Zhi Kai etc will all go onto the official website of the drama after 22nd night’s Corner with Love is shown to thank the fans and viewers for their support.

In order to match the drama name Corner with love, the director chose a particular street in Shanghai to film the corner and let the painting that Xiao Zhu gave Da S be painted on the wall. However, to avoid being sued for vandalizing in China mainland, the crew specially made a board and recruited the help of Art Faculty students. Even Xiao Zhu the main male lead also joined in to help and climbed up and down.

However, Xiao Zhu really has too much fans in Shanghai and the fans ended up causing the already very narrow street to become even packer and hence caught the attention of the police. When the police arrived, they for a split second really thought the painting was done on the street wall and immediately wanted to arrest Xiao Zhu, the on-screen offended. The misunderstanding was cleared after an explanation was given.

Corner with Love has received lots of good reviews and places that appeared in the drama are becoming hot tourist spots. For example, in the drama the museum that Da S and Xiao Zhu both stayed in before was previously listed as a historical building and not open to public. However, due to Corner with love, under the request of the public, the building has now been open for the public to visit.

Also, the Shilin …(not really sure what it is, think is omelettes or somethign?) da tou long ke zai jian is now also very popular as Xiao Zhu and Fang fang learned to cook there. Their business is now three to four times better. Besides that, fans have even asked for tour operators to organise Corner with Love three days two nights tour package.

In addition, the most popular thing from the drama now is the specially designed shoe made by film maker Chai Zhi Ping. Those who want to own this shoe, go answer some questions on the official website of the drama after watching the last episode of Corner with love and you can win the limited edition of the shoe, the televised novel and the precious art sketches.

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