Plump Melissa Ng Raises Suspicions over Pregnancy

After finishing with her last series "La Femme Desperado", Melissa Ng has scarcely made any appearances, but yesterday she was wearing a loose fitting top as she went shopping in Admiralty. Her waist was looking decidedly rounder than her usual slim figure and this has raised suspicions that she is three or four months pregnant. Is she going to have a golden pig baby this year?

At around 3pm yesterday, Melissa wore a beige cardigan and jeans with a flat cap, Hermes handbag and Chanel sunglasses as she joined two friends out shopping in Admiralty’s Pacific Place shopping mall. Melissa looked a lot rounder than usual after her recent disappearance and her belly seemed to be similar to that of a pregnancy of three or four months. When the reporters took photos of her, she became very defensive and kept waving them away and then covering her belly with her bag. Asked if she has bought anything, she replied: "No, I am just shopping with my friends. Please don’t photograph me." After saying this, she and her friends retreated to the Chloe store and Lane Crawford to continue shopping, still covering up her abdomen with her handbag, before getting fed up and leaving.

Afterwards, the reporters tried to call her to ask about whether she was pregnant, but when the phone was answered, the call was ended immediately and she could not be contacted at time of going to press.

There has been a continuing rumour over recent years that Melissa has had a secret wedding to a wealthy trust fund company director dubbed as the ‘invisible tycoon’ Wong Wai Lun and so she is incredibly rich and has been living the life of a lady of leisure. Filming series has been ‘just for fun’, but whenever she was asked about her marriage, she has always avoided a direct response, keeping a very low profile.

On the other hand, there have also been rumours that despite huge acclaim from her series "La Femme Desperado", not receiving a nomination in last year’s TVB ‘Best Actress; award has upset Melissa a lot, resulting in her absence from the anniversary and also passing on the female lead role in "The Slicing of the Demon", which was later given to Bernice Liu.

With Melissa’s high status in TVB, for her not to have a role in this year’s grand productions "Jewels Splendor" and "The Drive of Life" seems rather unusual. Suggestions are that she has aired her displeasure to TVB, or maybe she is wanting to take some time out to nurse her little one?

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