Pirated version of Jay’s new song appears in 24 hours

Jay’s new song "A Thousand Li Away" was premiered globally on 50 radio stations the day before yesterday. The MV was first played yesterday, but within 1 day, Jay and Fei Yu Qing’s song was also spread throughout the kuro website. It was available for members to download for free. Alfa record company scolded the illegal downloads and are asking fans to support the copyrighted version.

You can download the legal version of Jay and Fei Yu Qing’s duet "A Thousand Li Away" on the sites KK BOX and EZPEER, but the downloaded version and the broadcasted version has Jay talking in the middle of the song. This is Alfa record company’s strategy for avoiding people from copying the full version of the music.

Jay has always been the money tree for the illegal market. The preparation strategy used for this album is "absolute confidentiality where not even a fly can get in." This was done to avoid the situation with "November Chopin" last year where the songs were exposed before the album was released. This year, when Jay invited Fei Yu Qing to record and film the MV, they covered themselves with black cloths to avoid the paparazzi from taking pictures. As for China’s examination process, they used "confidential mail" to avoid premature exposure during the examination process.

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