People like Rainie Yang. Drama to star foreign actress to be separate

Another statement was released by the production regarding the huge turnout of people wanting Yang Cheng Lin for the main actress of Exchange Love. The company commented that they could proceed with the series with Yang Cheng Lin using the old script but He Jun Xiang will not be her leading man, a case conditioned by the management of Yang Cheng Lin.

"Yang Cheng Lin prefers to do it with anyone except for He Jun Xiang especially for the fact that they are being rumored too much. But the series would be done after her current engagements and most probably would pair her off with good friend Zheng Yuan Cheng. Now is too soon to speak and confirm anything about it." A spokesperson said.

After filming the drama with Yang Cheng Lin, they said they were going to proceed with the romantic drama which would likely star Fei Lun Hai, Yan Ya Lun as the leading man who meets a weird but fragile foreign exchange student who is culture-shocked by Taiwan. Chai Ji Ping held an affinity with the script and is choosing between Indonesian pop sensation Agnes Monica and Filipina actress Maja Salvador to be the heroine. This is set to prepare for bringing the properties of Taiwanese drama tradition to another level.

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