Patty Hou Officially Says Chou Hou is Over

"This thing is over already!" Patty yesterday morning said after getting off a plane, basically saying that the love story between her and Jay Chou has ended.

Chou Hou love lasted one and a half years, and it started to change mid-year. The ‘female star’ in this relationship never really changed what she said about the relationship. The past few days when she was doing interviews in New York, Taiwanese media entertainment rumor mill has been spewing a lot about Hebe and Jay’s relationship. Patty coldly replied with one sentence: "I’ve dealt with this problem myself already." Yesterday morning, her publicist also expressed that she will not talk about old relationships anymore.

Patty said: "Ever since I was little, it’s never been like this, needing so much courage to face a relationship. I’ve thought about this a lot, and I treasure a lot of it, but this thing is over already, there’s nothing to say about it, I’ll face it myself, as for who brought up the break up, these are personal questions, don’t need to discuss it anymore." The tiredness she must have felt right after getting off the airplane and jetlag, as for the old love questions, Patty still used her typical smiling face to answer, she said: "This year and a half, I want to thank everyone, everyone’s acceptance. From now on, I will diligently work on entertainment business, so you guys can write more about me."

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