Patty Hou is not paranoid about the new years, visited an elder at hospital

Patty Hou barely leaves her home around the new years, happy at home, reporters sighted her yesterday leaving her home, which turns out to be a trip for her to Taipei RonEn hospital. She had no care for the paranoid thoughts of no trips to the hospital, she went to visit her elder, official writer Chen cheng zhong. Chen Chengzhong is at the hospital because of brain cancer, Patty prepared chicken soup for her visit. Later she and her close friends Da S & Xiao S met for afternoon tea, she enjoys her new year vacation in peace and relaxation.

Patty was spending vacation with her mother Lin YueHui in the States before the New years, when she returned to China she hosted Wu hai de wei ya (not sure if it’s accurate). During the vacation, she spent most of her time with her family. Other than the $10,000 red pocket to her grandpa, she also lost much money on games of poker and such, her relative laughs at her for being a money-spreading-child.

Yesterday noon, Patty left home for a longer period of time, to go to visit Chen ChengZhong. Chen ChengZhong’s hospital room was later the source of where Patty’s laugh was heard. After the event, Chen ChengZhong’s wife Xu JiJing said emotinally: "she really misses the old times, she often said of coming before the holidays."

In reality Chen ChengDong also likes Patty, because of his Brain cancer, he can’t leave the hospital during the holiday time period, he did not like his friends visiting too much, but when Xu JiJing asked if Patty can come visit, he immediately nodded approval.

Chen Cheng zhong’s books before <<I make fun, but i love you>> was sold over 10,000 copies, recently [LianHe Literature] promoted his new artwork <<I don’t love you, pretend it’s true>>, even though lately Chen ChengZhong’s sickness have made his mentally challenged/depressed, and unable to autograph or write, but before Patty’s visit, he tried hard to sign his new book and give to her, this touched Patty greatly.

XuJiJing said: "ChengZhong’s sickness is now more stable" she thanks that during this time, close friends like Zhang Xiyan, Zhang Fei, Gao JingFei and XuTian and wife as well as many others have helped greatly.

After visiting Cheng Zhong, Patty went to Yuan Dong Hotel for afternoon tea with Da S & Xiao S, as of known, she is friends with Da S & Xiao S, is because last year during the time of Jin Zhuang Awards, Xiao S sent a special red wine to Patty to celebrate her birthday. Da S knew Patty through Zai Zai. He introduced Da S to Patty while he was working with Patty during filming of <<Delicious Relationships>>, through all the things in between, they’ve become friendly.

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