Patty and ZaiZai kiss, she thinks of DaS

Patty, XiaoZhu, DaS and ZaiZai all have been linked together because of their serials that they have filmed, "Delicious Relationships" and "Corner with Love."

Yesterday, DaS was on Patty’s show and during the recording, Patty said that when her and ZaiZai had a kiss scene, she would see DaS, so when they saw each other that day, Patty said that DaS seemed quite familiar.

During the show yesterday, XiaoZhu prerecorded a VCR tape and said: "When DaS and i have kiss scenes i get nervous, thinking what can i do, but i still need to finish filming." XiaoZhu was also said by the crew that he tried to take advantage of DaS, but XiaoZhu explains that because he was so nervous, before they kissed he would close his eyes, but right when he was about to kiss her he’d open his eyes, causing the director to yell out "cut!"

In the VCR XiaoZhu also spilled out DaS’s weird habits. She always carries around an unbrella, and hates it when the crew talks to her with their eyes. Hearing this, DaS also says that XiaoZhu also loves his looks as he always has a mirror with him, taking it out every now and then and checking himself out.

When Patty saw DaS yesterday, she quickly had to explain herself. "Me and ZaiZai dont really have that many love scenes!" DaS says that when ZaiZai is filming, he will be very into the character and drama, and the 2 havent no decided to marry yet. DaS says: "I dont really like marriage." She says that this year she will spend New Years with family, and for Chinese New Years, her and ZaiZai may plan a trip to Switzerland with ZaiZai’s family. "It’s not fun with only 2 people, hopefully famly can go too."

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