Patrick Tang Returns to TVB After 2 Year Hiatus

Two years ago, Patrick Tang left TVB to try his luck on other things, but recently he has returned to TVB as a salaried artiste. He says that the past two years has not been wasted and he has planted a seedling, from which he hopes to find harvest from after returning to TVB.

Patrick left the company because he felt that the new company could provide him with opportunities to make films and to become a singer again. However, the reality was very different and he never released any albums. Fortunately, when his contract expired, TVB made him an offer again. Patrick says: “TVB now offer a very varied career progression to its artistes and they will tailor your development with opportunities, popularity and stability, so I am very happy to return. (How do you feel?) The last two years were not bad, the series I filmed in the mainland were enjoyed by the viewers and I will treat it as sowing the seed. My goal now is to give more memorable roles to the audience.”

Of course, with Patrick’s return to the nest, he will have the chance to work with rumoured girlfriend Selena Li again. Asked if he asked her opinions, Patrick smiles: “All my friends gave me their opinions, such as Ekin Cheng, Sandy Lam and Ellesmere Choy. They all say that I have made the right choice and I feel very fortunate to have support from friends.”

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