Park Shin Yang Bibliography

Date of Birth: 11/01/1968
Birth Place: South Korea
Ethnicity: Korean

Park Shin-yang, a next-generation hallyu star, is a multi-talented person with works ranging from acting and singing to writing a novel and designing furniture for his drama or movie.

He debuted in the movie Yuri in 1996 which provided him his first award as Best New Male Actor at the 17th Blue Dragon Film Awards. He made numerous movies since then and with his performance earned him several awards like Popularity Award in the 34th Baek-Sang Art Award and the Best New Male Actor Award in the 18th Film Critics Award for the movie The Letter in 1997; Best Male Actor Award in the 7th Spring Film Festival and the Best Male Lead Actor and Most Popular Actor Award in the 19th Chung-Ryong (Blue Dragon) Film Festival for the movie The Promise in 1998 in which he played a warm-hearted gangster

In 2004, his popularity soared even higher after his role in the Korean drama Romance in Paris or Lovers in Paris with Kim Jung Eun. His performance in this drama earned him another award, the 2004 Brand Olympic Super Brand Male Actor. This drama also gave him inspiration to make his literary debut entitled Lovers published on the last quarter of 2005. This novel made Park Shin Yang the first Korean Wave actor to lead his popularity through literature.

It is also in Romance in Paris where his talents for design was showcased through the yellow sofa and desk used in the office stage set. His creative talents were also shown in his 2003 movie Uninvited Guests through the sofas used in the characters? apartment.

He might not be a computer-savvy person but he launched his own website in three languages ? Korean, English and Japanese ? on 2005 to provide fans with a more convenient way to access his profile, gallery and updates regarding him, and a place for him to leave messages for his fans.

His latest drama under SBS War of Money, also known as Money Warfare, started airing mid-May 2007, has premiered with a high rating range of 16-17% and jumped off to above 24% for the second episode.

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