Park Jun Hyung Birthday

Park Jun Hyung celebrated his birthday over the weekend. His actual birthday is on the 20th, but since he’s been celebrating his b-day on the 20th for the last 36 years, he wanted to do something different so he decided to celebrate it early this year.

During the party Park Jun Hyung told his fans that g.o.d will make a come-back when Kim Taewoo is released from the army. I guess some fans were happy to hear that, but for me, g.o.d with four members is just not the same.

Park Jun Hyung also told his fans that he landed a role in Speed Racer. Wow, this bit of news was a shocker and it made me wonder what happened behind close doors during Rain’s negotiations for the movie.

Maybe a recent MBA graduate suggested hiring Park Jun Hyung so they can cut costs. He probably said something along the lines of “In order cut costs, I suggest hiring Park Jun Hyung. He can be a part-time actor and part-time translator for Rain and we can kill two birds with one stone!”

Or was it more like this…? Rain’s lawyer said “I’m not sure if you read the fine prints on our contract, but if you take a look at page 56, it gives Rain the right to hire his buddy in the movie and we want to hire Park Jun Hyung.” I’m just pulling your legs, but it does make you wonder doesn’t it? Btw, the real reason for celebrating his b-day early is because he had to leave for Berlin to film Speed Racer. Good luck Park Jun Hyung!

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