Oscar Jury Tired of Martial Arts

Daniel Walker, music arranger at last year’s Academy Awards ceremony, told Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao newspaper many Oscar juries are tired of seeing Chinese martial arts movies. ??

He was invited to take charge of the music for a Chinese movie named "Curiosity Kills the Cat" recently. ??

The movie has applied to be nominated for a best foreign film award at this year’s Oscars, joining two Chinese martial arts movie: "City of the Golden Flower" and "The Banquet." ??

It is the first time Daniel has scored music for a Chinese movie. He explained this movie portrays a modern China to those who haven’t been China. ?

He added nowadays, Oscar juries prefer to watch movies that can present common people’s lives. "Curiosity Kills the Cat" is one of them. ?

"Curiosity Kills the Cat" is a well known proverb warning against being too inquisitive. The movie stars Carina Lau and Hu Jun and tells a story about family ethics.

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