Orikon Observes Rain and Se7en’s US Debut

Japanese Orikon has shown interest in Rain and SE7EN’s US debut.

Recently, Orikon released an article entitled "South Korean artist to succeed in the United States?!", tackling the possibility of Rain and SE7EN’s succcess in the American music market.

Rich Harrison, who has worked on the albums of Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez, is SE7EN’s music producer. Rain will be having a world tour concert, performing in 12 countries such as the United States, Singapore and Japan. There will be approximately 35 performances and the one in the United States is said to be the most looked forward to.

According to Orikon, the two korean solo singers’ lively performance, stable vocal power, great looks and sex appeal can possibly make them succeed in the US.

"Their current music style is not competitive enough", a spicy comment expressed by a critic on the singers’ American debut.

According to Orikon, the critic cited the pop singer "Shakira" of Latin America. "Rain and SE7EN should create new music styles, like Shakira, so that they can convert the discrimination of existing American artists. They should work harder on their English", advised by the critic.

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