Opinions of Huang Jian Xiang and Jacky Cheung about the crazy acts of a fan who drove her father to suicide

Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung who is holding his concert world tour in China indicated his aim in life is being able to do the things he likes & live happily everyday. On the fan’s tragic incidence, he indicated this is none of the fault of Andy, it is not mistake of his when someone likes him, what is most important in the parental education.

Huang Jian Xiang

Huang Jian Xiang was in Beijing recording hip-hop song yesterday.
When the reporter asked him on the crazy acts of a fan who drove her father to suicide, the workers around him stopped the reporter.

Never was it expected that Huang appeared somewhat indignant,
"It’s ok, even if the workers block you, I want to reply.
Chasing after stars crazily is the problem in family education, I feel injustice for Andy."

(What if someone chase after you like that?) No one chases after me like that.

Again he mentions on injustice to Andy, "Brining up a child without educating her/him well is the sin of the father, though I do not have any friendship with Andy, I really feel the injustice."

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