Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to website

I’ve been facing the problem quite frequently when trying to access a website address or a link. It happens in split second after trying to access the website. However, clicking on refresh button shows the page successfully. It ponders me a while, wondering if there is spyware or viruses in my PC that is causing such behaviour.

Googling on the issue seems like I am not the only one facing this. Many avid users are also facing such problem with Chrome. So I’ve tried some suggested ways to resolve it:

In your Google chrome, Go to Options>under hood/bonnet > and uncheck below options:
1. Untick “Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors”
2. Untick “Predict network actions to improve page load performance”
3. Use dns prefecting to improve page load performance (found in certain version)

This work wonders on my Chrome. Just so I thought it would help others, do try it out if you’re facing similar issues like me.

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