On Yan Jin Hua stripping off Leon Dai in “The Hospital”, NCC slapped penalties for $90,000

Rumors has it that NCC is deeply concerned with The Hospital, that on its first episode, it immediately showed Leon Dai and Yan Jing Hua kissing on the table, taking off their clothes and embracing, and also Ding Ning’s naked back while she is on top of a man making love together in a passionate scene. This caused penaties of 90,000 for each scene, so for these two scenes they paid 180,000! Due for appeal up to now, CTV and drama director Cai Yue Xun both handled these matters very discreetly yesterday. But Cai Yue Xun had difficulty covering up and helplessly said, "I’m really very sad, because we shot those scenes as it is needed in the plot development and role characterization, and not for viewership rate and neither for favoring clamor from the audience."

Receiving the NCC letter, CTV had no choice but to axe "The Hospital" plot scenes during the past days up to Jerry, Fei Xiang and Janine’s love triangle match, not considering the crucial scenes of Fei Xiang and Janine’s hard bed scene was also cut off. Other The Hospital scenes were also cut including Leon Dai and Yan Jing Hua’s two sex scenes in the guesthouse and in the car and the drunk Jerry Yan calling on a sauna massage girl. Cai Yue Xun said, "What can I do? It’s their criteria,"

NCC said that the two scenes violated stipulations on the broadcast TV laws, mainly because when The Hospital was first aired, it was classified for General Audience, and according to legislated rules, the removal of clothes showing the upper back is controversial, " Anything that involves sex, lust or maybe tools or sexually-related ideas, doesn’t belong to the General Audience classification and must not show special contents.

However, during the Preview Screening, those who watched even laughed and criticized that Cai Yue Xun was very conservative, because Yan Jing Hua only took off Leon Dai’s upper shirt and not his pants, so it’s not worth-seeing.

The Hospital drama depicts an adult world struggle, and it is impossible if it won’t have a man and a woman happily engaged in love and sex. CTV then appealed to NCC and stressed that the administration firmly believes that the scenes are the people’s common social practice and general experience.

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