Omarion/Rain Song being Circulated Illegally on Internet

Recently, the song sang by singer-actor Rain (24 years old) and Omarion (22 years old) has been circulating illegally online. Rain’s agency, JYPE has entrusted the case to the local police for investigation.

JYPE said on the 21st, "From 16th onwards, the song "Man Up" has appeared simultaneouly in several overseas blogs and fansites. This song is not sang by Rain alone, but is a joint effort by Rain and Omarion. On the 17th, we have entrusted the Internet Investigation Force of Seoul Kangnam Police with the case of this song leaking out to the public."

JYPE also expressed, "This song, which was produced by Park Jinyoung, was recorded this summer and was meant to be included in both Rain’s and Omarion’s albums. The song may be in the midst of being leaked out systematically abroad. We are hence looking for a solution to stop this. We’ve also issued official letters to Sony BMG as well as Omarion’s agency, TUG, asking for their understanding on this matter. Previously, we had supplied Song BMG with a copy of this song."

Upon hearing this piece of news, both Park Jinyoung and Rain expressed their regret that a song they have put in so much effort to put together is now being circulated illegally online. They hope such incidents will not happen again in future.

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