NT$90 million for F4 to promote Taiwan’s tourism

F4 will unite once again, this time it is to promote tourism for Taiwan. Beginning of the year, Ministry of Communications Tourism department invited various tv stations to nominate. GTV proposed Barbie Hsu & Luo Zhi Xiang while Angie Chai appointed F4. In the end, F4 was voted & chosen to become ambassadors for Taiwan’s tourism.

Ever since Jerry set up his own company, it is rumoured that F4 will not get together as a group for the time being. However, tourism board will gather the 4 of them, with a budget of NT90 million for this project. Spokesperson for Ministry of Communications stated, they had invited Zhang Hui Mei to endorse in the past to attract the South East Asia market. This time, they will work with F4, and F4 will be guest at a concert held at Zhong Shan Zu Qiu Chang.

However, there are news that for this project, besides inviting F4 to be ambassadors, the 4 of them will act in a drama series. The drama will be filmed at famous sites in Taiwan such as Taipei 101, Gu Gong, Ah Li Shan, Ken Ding, Yu Shan etc. Tourism board hope that this project could counter the influence of Korean drama series. Once this project is announced, Japanese & Korean film companies has shown interest. Angie Chai has confirmed that they are discussing with the authorities and are preparing the proposal. As to how to split the NT90 million among the 4 of them, endorsement fee & filming for the drama series, Angie Chai said" The whole project does not only cover expenses used for filming, it also includes promotion, activites, marketing and artistes fee.

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