Not Enough Tickets for Fahrenheit’s Hong Kong Concert

Taiwanese boy band FAHRENHEIT will hold their first mini-concert in Hong Kong next month. Two nights ago over a hundred fans went to buy their tickets. Just one night ago around 1:00 AM, the organizers of the concert suddenly announced that they reduced the reserved tickets from 100 to 80. Fans blasted with criticism and disappointment.

Next month in the 19th Fahrenheit will hold their mini concert in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Hard Rock Cafe, titled "FEI LUEN HOI WAN JUEN TSUEN SING PUB PARTY (Fahrenheit Entertains Whole City Pub Party)". According to sources the organizers of the mini concert had procrastinated in releasing the official date in selling the reserved tickets and fans had complained and requested Hard Rock Cafe to speedy up in the notice. Fans had been lining up since Saturday and the line still continued to Tuesday night at ten. Up to a 100 fans were already in line. There were also people "cutting" and it involved police engagement. However after a while the police departed as things settled down.

Complained that the Manager was Rude

Yesterday morning, a person who had acknowledged the crowd as the manager openly said to the fans that they would soon pass out reserved tickets. Every person was restricted to buy two tickets and they will pass out roughly 200 tickets, but it was already confirmed by the organizer that they will only pass out 80 tickets and they will receive back 160 tickets. This had caused huge frustration and disappointment in the fans and they immediately bickered with the manager, accusing of him of being careless and rude.

The reporters immediately interviewed the marketing manager of Hard Rock Cafe, Miss Lam, and she firmly stated that she never announced the total of tickets that will be sold and refused to answer any questions. Her words and the words coming out from the manager were completely different and this has caused some speculations and questions. She said boldly, "Okay then, yes. I just want to see if everyone accepts it! I have handled many large functions before, and the impossible has even happened before, so I will not answer anything!"

WOW MUSIC explained, "Hard Rock Cafe had never announced how many reserved tickets would be sold. The amount of space in the stadium is limited and the organizers have to save some seats for the overseas fans, so therefore no specific limits in the tickets were specified." After this incident traveled to Fahrenheit’s ears, they made a promise that after the concert they will come more often to Hong Kong, saying to make it up for the fans that will not be able to attend to their concert

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