Not Confident of an Award – Tavia Yeung tries the Sexy Route

This year’s TVB anniversary awards is on the horizon and every year, this period generates some conflict between the female stars around who will win the Best Female Artiste Award. However, for the generally low-key Tavia Yeung, she is apparently watching proceedings from the opposite bank and despite being nominated for her role in "Land of Wealth", she feels that her time has not come yet and says: "I will be happy whoever wins, I would like to receive more acceptance from the viewers, if I win an award, it will be a bonus. Although it is not very important to me, I will still use this as a goal to work towards because it helps my motivation. In the future, I would like to play more different characters, especially villains and disabled people and I hope to have a representative piece of my own."

Tavia has undergone some changes in her choice of clothing recently, going from a usually conservative look to a rather sexy image, especially after becoming spokesperson for a breast enhancement product. She says: "My target is for people to remember me for my acting and not for being sexy. My more risque look of late is because I want to look more mature and sophisticated, so I can give a more surprising and feminine feel and not be so tomboyish."

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