Noel Leung 6 Months Pregnant; Celebrates B-day with Athena Chu

Noel Leung Siu Bing, who is currently 6 months pregnant, just had her birthday celebration on December 29th. Good friends Athena Chu Yan and Monica Chan Fat Yung as well as Noel’s in-laws celebrated her birthday with her.

Noel felt blessed to have so many people celebrate with her. "Athena [took into account my pregnant state] and was afraid I would over-exert myself, so she bought all the ingredients for hot pot, as well as a birthday cake to my house!"

"Athena also gave me lotion to prevent stretch marks. I need to apply the lotion on my thighs, buttocks, and chest. She even bought me hand lotion, making me laugh!"

Noel’s husband, Gary Chan Ka Fai is currently filming in China, which is why her in-laws joined in the celebration instead.

Additional Info about Noel’s Pregnancy:

Noel and Gary got married in 2000. Noel is currently six months pregnant and the baby’s due date will be April 2007. Since last year, Noel has been taking a rest from acting, with preparation to have a baby.

At one point in time, Noel’s menstrual flow stopped for 3 months and she thought she had successfully conceived. But the doctor checked and found it to be a false alarm.

Due to her past hectic filming schedule, Noel’s health had been negatively impacted, affecting the functions of her organs as well as disrupting her menstrual cycle. After carefully nourishing her body through the combination of traditional Chinese herbs and western medicine, her health has been restored.

Noel and Gary are extremely happy about the pregnancy and allegedly, Noel plans to have 3 children in total.

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