No wedding bells in Japan for Liza & Mr Law

Mr Law said that Zaza and himself would be touring Japan again this Chinese New Year. However, Mr Law added that he would not be proposing again this time.

Liza and Mr Law were guest performers for the Chinese Opera Gala that was held in Central HK. Liza also performed a scene from “Princess Chang Ping” with the current Director Wong Chi Hou. During the performance, Liza was filled with emotions, and at some point, Liza’s eyes were filled with tears.

When asked why she had tears in her eyes, Liza said that she has always been very serious towards her profession. She also said that Director Wong had trouble with his performance. Liza added that it’s not such a big a deal and that it’s understandable as Director Wong is a businessman rather than a Chinese Opera Performer. Liza stressed that Director Wong’s performance is rather good considering that he is not a professional.

Liza also revealed that she would be heading to Genting Malaysia on the 12th to hold a concert at the Arena of Stars on the 13th of Jan. Liza added that Mr Law would be her guest performer. (Would Mr Law charge less for being your guest performer?) Liza said: “Nope, he charges more than the others.” Liza also mentioned that she recently taught Mr Law to sing “Wong Mui Tiu” and she hopes that they would be able to perform a “Wong Mui Tiu” duet at the concert. Liza praises Mr Law for having such in-born talent. Liza said that Mr Law would be accompanying one of her performance using his er-hu.

Mr Law added that Liza and himself would be heading to Hokkaido, Japan for a Chinese New Year holiday. During their last trip to Hokkaido, there were rumours saying that Mr Law would propose under the shades of the sakura trees. (Would you propose this time?) Mr Law immediately appeared to be rather restless and that the reporters are always asking the same question. (Why are you avoiding the question? Are you afraid that you might get Ah Jie angry?) Mr Law said: “No.” Mr Law also added that Liza and himself are always at loggerheads but he would always let Liza win.

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