No Goong 2 with Original Cast

The possibility for Goong 2 with the original cast is pretty much ZERO. Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jung Hoon dont want to renew their contract with Eight Peaks (their Goong production and management company).

“Yoon Eun Hye stated that after the back and forth situation with the company, Eight Peaks broke a trust agreement. Therefore the possibility of her collaborating with them again is unlikely.” Eight Peaks and Yoon Eun Hye have an exclusive three years contract which was signed during the second half of 2005. Which leaves her with another year in her contract with the company.

The official stated, “The trouble between Eun Hye and Eight Peaks started back in January. Despite completing the script reading for appearance on MBC’s Que Sera, Sera, Eun Hye’s management cancelled Eun Hye’s participation in Que Sera Sera and demanded she appeared in a drama that Eight Peaks was producing themselves, causing Eun Hye to be hospitalized due to mental shock.

“Currently she is in the process of filming Coffee Prince and rebelling against her company’s wants.” Her company didn’t want her to do the Vineyard Man either. Kim Jung Hoon is also leaving Eight Peaks, citing the same reason. The company broke his trust.

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