No Gambling, Just Delicious Food for Michael Tse in Macau

TVB New Year series "Best Bet" stars Michael Tse and his ‘wife’ Linda Chung took part in a promotional interview at Metro radio yesterday. Talking of the ratings being below expectations, Michael smiles that to reach 26 points at the new year is already very good, because people go away around this time and the ratings usually see a drop. Then he went on to talk about the show’s storyline and says: "This week, the drama steps up to a climax and I will be pawning my screen-wife Linda. (Are you confident of ratings?) After the show has been aired, I have asked for reactions from the audience and they are all positive, so I am not worried."

In the show, Michael’s character is a compulsive gambler, but how about in real life? In response to this, he says that he does not like gambling and even when he goes to Macau, he will not gamble and just go in search of delicacies. He only plays cards with his friends at the new year and he plays just for fun, not to win money.

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