No fate with “Golden Pig Baby.”

XiaoS’s dream be being a "golden pig mom" has shattered. The outside media has put too much attention on her, as well as work, XiaoS doesnt have any good news.

Yesterday, XiaoS and her husband Mike attended a Gucci event. XiaoS still showed off her perfect figure, and when asked if she was going to have a "pig baby," she laughingly answered: "Not enough time, it’s already March and i dont have any "good news." We will strive for a "golden mouse baby."

XiaoS has been saying she wanted a "pig baby" for about half a year already, and now that she has no "good news," HsuMa replies: "Just give them some space and time, things like these cannot be rushed."

XiaoS herself comments: "My wish was to have a "golden pig baby, but now a "golden mouse baby" isnt bad either."

XiaoS and Mike were very compatiable at the show, and XiaoS reveals that Mike loves fashion more then her. When asked to comment on Carina and LinZhiLing’s rumor, XiaoS says: "Only they know what’s going on, as long as they are happy."

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