No Faking as Linda Slaps Ada in the Streets

Working with her idol Ada Choi for the first time, Linda Chung was a little hesitant in a scene where they had to slap each other, holding back her strength, but Ada helped her out, telling her not to worry about positioning or her strength.

Ada, Linda, Wong He and Bosco Wong were filming for new series "Jewels Spendor" yesterday in a scene where they had to slap each other in the streets. Linda had to slap Ada on the cheeks hard until Ah He comes to her rescue and returns the slap to Linda in a very heated scene. However, when Linda was slapping Ada, she kept holding back her strength and in the end even Ada complained about her not having enough power.

Ada says: "She was looking after me and was not really strong enough, but that just causes more problems because we had to NG twice. I told her to put some power into it as the most important thing is that it looks good, without the use of camera angles and it doesn’t hurt too much." She also praises Linda and Bosco after working with them for the first time, saying that they put their hearts into their acting, have full artiste professionalism and potential.

Linda admits she is not very good at hitting people: "Hitting people is not easy, I am worried about hitting their ears. Also I really like Ada, because she is so real and down to earth, but I daren’t tell her. I never imagined that the first time I worked with her I would have to hit her and she even told me to hit her harder. I hope that I can find success like hers in the future."

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