No Chemistry between Linda Chung and Cookie Hunk

Self-confessed sports fanatic Linda Chung has been invited to shoot a sportwear advertisement with a six-foot tall handsome male model, but she was too busy eating cookies and there was little interaction between them.

Linda has been busy filming for her series "Storm in a Pool" recently and her healthy image and sweet smile has attracted the attention of sports retailer Marathon, who have asked her to model their sportswear in their new ad. Sports-mad Linda loves to play volleyball, badminton and go swimming, so she loves to wear sports gear in her leisure time. Talking of Yoyo Mung finding love on the badminton court, Linda says that she has played with Yoyo before. Having filmed with Yoyo’s boyfriend Ekin Cheng before, Linda says there is no embarrassment when she sees Yoyo: "Everyone knows that the rumours about us were false, I don’t like men who are so much older than me."

On the day of the shoot, male model Ken made some ‘sweetheart cookies’ with Linda. Asked if she felt any sparks with her handsome partner, she said: "He is quite tall and handsome, but I like men with a character more than looks. On that day, we just filmed together for four hours and we had little time to interact. Also I love eating cookies, so whenever we stopped, I would be eating and I didn’t have time to chat to him."

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