Nnadia Chan Returns to HK to Handle Father’s Funeral Arrangements

Nnadia Chan’s father passed away last Friday. After completing her concert performance in Singapore, Nnadia has returned to Hong Kong to take care of her father’s funeral arrangements. Yesterday, despite the rainy weather, she checked out several Buddhist temples for the placement of her father’s spirit tablet.

Nnadia returned to Hong Kong at 10:30 PM last night and revealed that her emotions have calmed down. "I still have work committments in Singapore and my mother told me that [she will take care of everything]. But how can I not return to Hong Kong during this critical time?"

Yesterday, Nnadia, her mother, and younger brother went to Lantau Island’s Po Lin Monastery and Tsuen Wan’s Sai Fong Monastery (?????) to decide on the location of her father’s spirit tablet placement.

Nnadia’s family decided to place her father’s spirit tablet in Tsuen Wan’s Sai Fong Monastery. "When my mother saw the surrounding lanscape, she found it very pleasant. Also the head monk there helped us select a location for the spirit tablet. The most important thing is that my father rests in peace in his after life and my mother is satisfied with the location choice."

Nnadia revealed that her father’s funeral will be held in mid-December and will be observed under Buddhist rites. In a radio interview, Nnadia said that her mother has been very brave in dealing with her father’s death. Before her concert in Singapore, Nnadia’s mother advised her to not let her sadness seem apparent onstage, as a singer should bring joy to her audience.

Since her father’s death, Nnadia has learned to cherish the people around her even more closely. "When my father was alive, he was very rigid. He forced me to read the dictionary for accurate English pronunciations. When I was six years old, I had to learn how to type. But it is due to his discipline that my foundation was established strongly."

When Nnadia had disputes with her manager in her early performing career, her father supported her. "He did not give me any stress, but rather a lot of room for self-reflection." Nnadia will be especially learning some Fujianese songs because of her father. Although he is no longer phsyically with her, she will be singing the songs for him to hear.

Nnadia has postponed her work schedule in Singapore so that she can take care of her father’s funeral arrangements.

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