Nnadia Chan is Tour Guide in San Francisco

Nnadia Chan was invited to perform in Nevada recently and her cousin and her family from Los Angeles drove for over ten hours to watch her perform and then Nnadia joined them on a visit to San Francisco afterwards, spending time together and catching up. As this was the first time that Nnadia’s cousin had been to San Francisco, she played the tour guide as they visited the sights, such as Fisherman’s Wharf , where they were captivated by the beautiful scenery and Nnadia had great fun with her four-year old nephew.

Afterwards, Nnadia and her cousin’s family drove another two hours out to see the vineyards at Napa Valley and they also took a ride on the famous Napa Valley Wine Train, taking in the great sights and enjoying some delicious food. At Napa Valley, they also came across a private airfield, where there were many interesting plans, so they went in to look around and take some photographs. Later, they found out that the planes were left over from the second world war and they have been adapted to take passengers and they are very exciting. Nnadia also met with a carnival, where she bought many souvenirs to take back to Hong Kong and her luggage was almost overweight!

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