Nnadia Chan & Family at Father’s Funeral

Nnadia Chan Chung Ling’s father passed away last month in his sleep. Mr. Chan was 74 years old and a funeral with Buddhist rites was held yesterday at 4 PM. Nnadia and her mother were accompanied to the funeral home by Nnadia’s former manager and god-sister, Siu Bo. She drove the Chan family around on that day and apparently the former animosity that had existed between Siu Bo and Nnadia has vanished.

When Nnadia arrived at the funeral site, she was under extreme grief. Nnadia mentioned that the funeral observances for her father were taking place, but the other arrangements are being handled by her younger sister, Chan Sin Ling.

Nnadia’s family all wore the traditional Buddhist mourning robes in white, while Nnadia, who is a Christian, wore all black. Nnadia and her family could not stop crying throughout the ceremony.

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