Nine Month Long Production of EYE IN THE SKY Comes to an End

Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily says Eye in the Sky is finally wrapping up after being in production for nine months. Simon Yam, Leung Ka-Fai and Kate Tsui star in the directorial d?but from Yau Nai-Hoi, the writer of almost all Johnnie To’s movies. The Chinese title literally means "Follow." It tells a team of surveillance experts from HKPD is assigned to seek out suspects of a highly publicized jewelry heist and the heist mastermind knows too well to sake off the police. Simon Yam’s right eye has been badly infected after being washing with some prop blood. This scene shows Simon Yam, Kate Tsui and another actor sitting in a car and watching their target. The word on the back actually means "Private drive way, please do not block." For the scene shown on the picture, he had to remove the bandage and pretended his eye was ok.

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