Nick Cheung doesn’t want his daughter to enter showbiz

NICK Cheung and Esther Kwan may be a power couple in the Hong Kong showbiz industry, but they have no desire to see their little girl follow in their footsteps.

And as far as Nick’s concerned, he would rather his daughter Brittany take a ‘down-to-earth’ job than chase a ‘showbiz dream’.

But how does this view fit with the career paths the star couple have chosen?

Speaking to The New Paper from Hong Kong, Nick, 39, said: ‘There is a lot of pressure being a celebrity, pressures that we can’t even begin to speak of. As her father, I want my daughter to have a ‘healthier’ occupation. Not to say that the entertainment circle is not healthy, but the pressures certainly aren’t!’


Already, the doting dad is fretting that baby Brittany might grow up wanting to be a singer, because she’s apparently fixated with karaoke.

Nick said that one of their favourite bonding activities was when he bops her to sleep on his lap while he sings.

‘I don’t sing with the mic or anything, I just sing very softly along with the music. She will turn very quiet, and stare intently at the images on the screen. Then
30 minutes later, she will be snoozing away,’ he said.

It is also out of love for Brittany that Nick doesn’t want her to watch his more violent films when she grows up.

Recently, the actor has appeared in three triad movies in a row, Johnny To’s Election and its sequel, with his latest being director Herman Yau’s gang thriller On The Edge.

In the movie, which co-stars Anthony Wong and Francis Ng, Nick plays an undercover cop who suffers an identity crisis after he betrays his triad boss and returns to the police fold.

He had a temporary tattoo drawn on his chest for the role, which according to a previous Hong Kong report, actually scared Brittany into bawling her head off.

However, Nick denied it, saying: ‘She was just curious about it, and liked to touch it. But no, she wasn’t frightened.’

But he did have some problems carrying Brittany for a time, because his wrists were badly chafed from doing an extended car chase scene while handcuffed.

Nick added that he was probably going to lay off triad movies for a while.

‘As an actor, it’s better to try out a variety of roles. I don’t want to be stereotyped and there are also many things I haven’t tried out yet.’

He has just finished working on another movie co-starring Francis and Anthony, about multiple personality disorders.


When asked if he felt pressured to keep working with other award-winning actors, he laughed.

‘They are my good friends, and they are very professional actors, they have no airs. I’ve learnt a lot of things by working with them.’

He is now looking forward to a break from working so hard for Brittany’s future, so that he can actually spend more time with his young daughter.

‘We keep her at home too much, so she is a bit shy now. I want to take her out more often to interact with other people. Like going to eat at McDonald’s – as in I eat and she can watch me.’

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